Narrative: How to prepare DTS Panel.

Day 1

  1. Characterize serum samples
    • Perform quality control samples on both test – Determine and StatPak
    • Test 6 serum samples on both test – Determine and StatPak (300 µL/tube)
      • Note: Establish which samples to use (concordance on all tests: Rapids and EIA) based on country and reference laboratory algorithm.
      • Note: Well characterized serum samples should be properly stored -20°C or below for future panels.
  2. Identify how many sites will be enrolled in the PT program.
    • Each site gets one panel + 25 extra panels should be prepared.
    • For Example: A country that decides to send the panel to 100 sites than the total no. of DTS prepared should be 100 + 25 = 125.
    • Calculate how much sample is needed for 125 panels.
      • 20 µL/tube, therefore 20 * 125 = 2500 µL total sample
      • Note: 20 mL of sample can accommodate 1000 sites
  3. Obtain 1 mL aliquot of serum samples to add dye to each specimen
      • Add 1 µL of green dye to pre-measured 1 mL of serum sample (1:1001 dilution of samples)
      • Vortex or tap to mix the green dye
  4. Label 2 mL sarstedt tube (A1 to A6 – DTS or B1 to B6 – DTS). Each participant will make 2 sets of DTS panel.   
    • Each participant should label their cryogenic boxes with their names.
      • Note: A DTS panel will consist of 6 samples.
  5. Add 20 µL of colored sample to their corresponding labeled tube.
  6. Store the tube in the hood at room temperature. DO NOT CAP TUBES.

Day 2-AM

  1. Check DTS samples to see if they have been properly dried.
  2. Cap the DTS tubes
  3. Make PBS-Tween 20 buffer
    • Dissolve one packet of PBS-Tween 20 salt in 1 L of deionized water.
    • Filter using 2 µM filter unit.
    • Long term storage: Store PBS-Tween 20 buffer in labeled 50 mL conical tubes
    • PT buffer for DTS panel: aliquot ~1.8 mL of PBS-tween 20 into 2 mL sarstedt tubes. 
      • Note: Make as many PT buffer aliquot as DTS panel made, 125 PT buffer aliquot
    • For the training workshop each participant is making 2 DTS sets therefore 2 PT buffer aliquots should be prepared.
  1. Reconstitute DTS panel
    • Add 7 drops of PT buffer to only 1 DTS panel.
      • Note: The disposable pipette used should be verified if 7 drops of PT buffer is ~200 µL.  Do not use water or any other solution to verify.
    • Cap the tube
    • Tap to mix and leave the tube two hours at room temperature.

Day 2-PM

  1. Characterize DTS panel
    • Perform quality control on both tests – Determine and StatPak
    • Tap to mix the DTS rehydrated samples.
    • Perform both tests on the rehydrated samples – Determine and StatPak
    • Enter results in the report form
    • Compare results pre and post DTS specimens
    • Pack the 2nd DTS panel for shipment
      • Label the zip-lock bag
      • DTS instruction and report form
      • DTS panel (6 samples)
      • PT buffer
      • 2 disposable pipette
    • Each person enter their result in the logbook