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Rapid Testing Site Specific Stakeholder Roles & Responsibilities

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  1. Specific Responsibilities for the Ministry of Health

The MOH will put a national framework in place to support and regulate HIV and syphilis rapid testing. This will include policies and systems that will address the following:

  • Certification of HIV & Syphilis Rapid Testing Sites
  • Certification of HIV & syphilis rapid testers
  • Establishment of a national HIV & syphilis Rapid Testing and Counselling Policy
  • Establishment of a National HIV & Syphilis testing and counselling guideline
  • Establishment of a validated national HIV & syphilis rapid testing algorithm
  • Procurement and distribution of MOH-approved HIV & syphilis rapid testing kits
  • Access to reliable HIV & syphilis rapid test training
  • Provision of MOH-approved standard operating procedures (SOP) or job aids for use in HIV & syphilis rapid testing sites
  • Monitoring of compliance with national guidelines for HIV & syphilis rapid testing at testing sites through periodic site assessments conducted by designated MOH-approved assessors (e.g National AIDS Programmes)
  • Administration of a national proficiency testing (PT) or external quality assessment (EQA) programme to monitor HIV & syphilis test reliability at rapid testing sites
  1. SpecificResponsibilities for HIV Rapid Test Site Personnel-

Site personnel are required to comply with:

  • Requirements for compliance with MOH policies, regulations and guidelines
  • Competency requirements for HIV rapid testing site personnel
  • Space & infrastructural requirements for the HIV rapid testing site
  • Resource requirements: equipment, reagents & supplies for the HIV rapid testing site
  • Safety requirements for the HIV rapid testing site
  • Inventory or stock management requirements for the testing site
  • Requirements for documents & records in the HIV rapid testing site
  • Procedures for conducting HIV rapid testing
  • Requirements for participating in HIV proficiency testing /external quality assessment programmes & on-site assessments
  • All Key responsibilities for operating an HIV rapid testing site
  • Job aids, SOPs, wall signs/displays & presentations for HIV & Syphilis rapid test site operations