1. General Role for The Ministry Of Health

The MOH will develop and implement special policies, regulations, systems, structures and guidelines at the national level to ensure that your HIV & syphilis rapid test site can function effectively and efficiently. MOH will therefore undertake responsibility for establishing:

  • A national HIV rapid testing policy
  • Regulations for the operation of HIV rapid test sites
  • National guidelines for conducting HIV rapid testing
  • HIV rapid test training
  • Monitoring of HIV rapid test site quality

2. General Role For Rapid Test Site Personnel

Rapid Testing Site Personnel must comply with the MOH’s regulations and guidelines and also implement the structures, systems and procedures that are needed within the HIV & syphilis rapid testing site to ensure that the site can function effectively and efficiently. Rapid Testing Site personnel will therefore be responsible for the following:

  • Getting a copy of the Ministry of Health requirements
  • Complying with ALL Ministry of Health regulations
  • Implementing the national guideline for HIV & syphilis rapid testing
  • Providing ALL required reports to the relevant persons
  • Participating in quality monitoring activities