Assignment Upload Guidelines !!

Please follow the guidelines below carefully when submitting your course assignments.

NOTE: If your assignment uploads are not properly aligned with the guidelines, your submission will NOT be acknowledged.

General Requirements:

  1. The file or assignment uploaded MUST be clearly named after the assignment

E.g- “ DAY1- Conflict Management” OR “Conflict Management Assignment”

  1. Assignments MUST be include the: (Cover page)
  • Assignment Name
  • Date


  1. Group assignments MUST include the: (Cover page)
  • Assignment Name
  • Group/Team Name
  • Group/Team Members
  • Date 
  1. NOTE: Only 1 designated member is required to upload a Group assignment. Other group members can upload their homework assignments to move onto the next section.
If you are having any difficulties uploading your assignments, Please Click here to upload.

Please Upload Your Assignments Below!!