Reflective Activity: Muddiest Point and 1 Minute Paper

Taking the time to reflect on what you are learning throughout the learning process provides an essential opportunity for you to understand and benefit from your own learning process and to identify next steps for learning.  When we as learners adopt this practice, we exercise and develop metacognition, and responsibility for the direction of our own learning. 

Throughout this course, we ask that you please complete both of the following activities following each synchronous/virtual session and completion of each assignment after careful reflection. We have provided a Google sheet for you to document your reflections.

1 Minute Paper

This activity is as simple as its title:

  1. Set a timer for one minute.
  2. Grab a piece of paper OR open a blank document on your device,
  3. Spendexactly one minute writing out as much as you can about what you remember from what you learned in your synchronous/virtual session today
  4. Spend exactly one minute writing out as much as you can about key insights gained in the process of completing your homework assignment.

This is a timed activity, so don’t worry about spelling, grammar or sentence structures! 

The point is for you to have a chance to recall what you’ve learned, and identify any content that you might need to review again.

Muddiest Point

  1. Grab a piece of paper or open a blank document on your device
  2. Reflect on what was covered today in your synchronous/virtual assignment and identify one topic that you require further clarification on
  3. Reflect on the material you covered in your homework assignment and identify one topic that you require further clarification on
  4. Write 1-3 questions you still have about both topics


Each participant is listed in the Google Sheet with 2 rows for each virtual session and for each assignment, one for the 1 minute paper and 1 for the muddiest point. Click on the relevant cell and input your information. The cells are formatted so that once you hit enter, the information is formatted and wrapped accordingly. Be careful that you enter information in your cells only. If you type into any other cell, the information will be lost and replaced with what is typed.