Assignment Guidelines Review

The DACUM for Quality Managers was developed by a cadre of Laboratory and Quality Managers & Senior Lab Staff who participated in the CAREC SMLS (EU) project from 2003-2007. It needs to be updated. In your assigned team, please review the duties and tasks listed in this matrix and identify any gaps that need to be addressed i.e duties and tasks listed that you think are no longer relevant, and/or  current duties and tasks that are missing from this matrix You also need to fill in the competency columns (x 3) at the right side of the matrix and indicate what knowledge, skills and abilities you think are needed, to perform each duty and its related tasks listed in the matrix.  

Deadline: Upload by Friday February 23rd, 2024

Please follow the guidelines below carefully when submitting your course assignment.

NOTE: If your assignment uploads are not properly aligned with the guidelines, your submission will NOT be acknowledged.

General Requirements:


  1. The file or assignment uploaded MUST be clearly named after the assignment

E.g- “ Group 1-Session 1-DACUM for Quality Managers-‘date’ ” 

  1. Individual Assignments MUST include the: (Cover page)
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  • Date


  1. Group assignments MUST include the: (Cover page) 

Fill in the Group information in the spaces provided at the top left of the excel sheet!

  • Assignment Name
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  • Group/Team Members
  • Date 
  1. NOTE: ALL members are required to upload a Group assignment to move onto the next section.

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